How to save photos from Instagram – Ultimate Guide

Maybe the most well-known social network for photograph and video exchange, Instagram, has been growing at a fast pace for the last couple of years. It has practically reached the popularity of Facebook and Twitter and has attracted millions of users worldwide. One of the main advantages Instagram may have over other similar apps is the ease of access and use. Instagram is simple and quick, although it has some annoying features which can sometimes present a pain for its users.


One of the main features of Instagram are the photo streams because it is a fun and easy way to view photographs, but sometimes it can be troublesome to save the photos to your computer so you can check them out later. Instagram does not allow the option of saving photos directly, primarily for authorship issues, but there are several approaches you can use to download the photos you want onto your phone or your computer.

One of the methods you can use is to use web sites that have no affiliation to Instagram itself to gain access to Instagram profiles you want to see and the photographs you want to download. One of the applications specially developed for this is the Private Instagram Viewer, which allows you to view Instagram profiles which would otherwise be unaccessible. Through this app, you can visit and check out private profiles of Instagram users. The owner of the profile does not have to accept you as a follower, all you have to do is follow a few easy steps and you are good to go. All you have to do is visit the web site because there are no suspicious downloads included in the application. FAIRY-min

Private Instagram Viewer is safe, free and completely undetectable. This means that there will be no payments from your side, the application will not ask you for any kind of personal information and there will be absolutely no trace of your visit to the Instagram private profiles. The owner of the profile will not be able to know that you saw the photos on his profile, moreover, the application itself will not have access to the content of the photos due to encryption methods applied for your privacy.

One of the most striking features of Private Instagram Viewer is its ability to save photos directly from the profile you want. The application will not only allow you to see the private profiles of your desire, but to save the content you want straight to your computer or your phone, without all the hassle you experienced when this application was not available to you.

So, if you want to have unlimited access to private Instagram profiles in a matter of seconds, without the trouble to create and organize your profile while attracting followers, try out the Private Instagram Viewer.  It is simple, easy to use and it has the option to save the photos of your choice to your phone or computer.

Clash of Clans Valkyrie Guide

Some units are a popular and other are not so popular in Clash of Clans, most popular strategic game. In most tutorials and guides you probably read about barbarians and archers, but it is very rare to read about Valkyries! This time we are presenting you Valkyrie Clash of Clans guide!

The Valkyrie is a high-level unit which requires eight supply units to be produced, and more than that you will need 15 min. to train just one unit. The Valkyrie is very fast unit, with speed of 24 tiles, while she has ability to target only ground units. She doesn’t have any preferred target and you will need to upgrade your dark barracks to level 3 before you start production,but you can make it little bit easier with coc gems hack and produce your army. You will probably notice that Valkyrie is very fast unit in the game. If you compare her with barbarian, you will notice that barbarians are just slightly faster. She has huge amount of health, but downside is the fact that she doesn’t deal much damage.

If we compare barbarian once again we will conclude that barbarians deals more than twice damage than Valkyrie. From other side, Valkyrie does splash damage, and this fact can be useful for placing Valkyrie inside Clan Castle. Another thing is also very important, that is training time and high cost. 15 min. is a long time for production, especially if you are trying to create a raiding army. Valkyrie is not bad unit, but simply if you calculate the cost of production you will understand that for the same amount of resources you can use much better units. Still, she can be useful in certain strategies such as farming and trophy pushing. To be effective she needs help from another units such as Giants and barbarians. As we’ve already mentioned the best use of Valkyrie is to be placed within Clan Castle. You can also try the interesting combination of placing one Dragon and one Valkirie in Clan Castle. The splash damage is great bonus, so that the maximum level Valkyrie is able to deal significant amount of damage. If you want to increase the survivability of your Valkyries you can group them with several Healers, or you can use Heal spell, similarly if you want to increase damage output you should use Rage Spell incrimination with Valkyries. After this analysis, you can conclude that Valkyrie may find certain spot in specific strategies that are defensive. Still, it is very rare to see Valkyrie in Clash of Clans.

Upgrading your Protection your base from Sky – Air Defence

Air Defence Tower is extremely important in Clash of Clans because you can be affected by different air units and many defensive structures like cannons can not protect themselves from such attacks. Therefore, Air Defence Tower is one of the most important elements of the game that you can easily upgrade via clash of clans astuce. If you are attacked by of dragons you can survive if you have well placed and upgraded Air Defence Towers.

Air Defence Tower can attack only a single unit, but it is a very fast, it will attack once per second.Air Defence Tower also have a longer range of attack than other Towers, the range is ten tiles, but it can attack only air units. The number of Air Defence Towers depends upon level of your town hall, so for example at level 4 you will get your first Air Defence Tower, at level 7 you will get another one, at level 8 you will get third Tower and finally, at level 9 you will get fourth Tower. So, maximum amount of Air Defence Towers is four. Essential point is proper placement of Air Defence Tower, because wrong placement can easily leave your base unprotect. Be sure to protect your important structures or other defensive towers like Mortars.

Air Defence Tower is extremely useful tower, but it cannot attack ground troops, so you must protect Air Defence Tower from ground based attacks. The best possible solution for proper placement of Air Defence Tower is near the center of the base because they will be protected. Try to place them directly in the center of your base. When you upgrade your Town Hall to level 8 you can create triangleof Towers to gain almost perfect air defence line. However, never place Air Defence Towers next to each other, because they will become vulnerable to Lightening Spell.

Upgrading your Air Defence Towers should be of highest priority and the reason for this is a fact that Air Defence Tower have very high training time. Be sure to upgrade Air Defence Tower one at the time, upgrading more towers at the same time would leave your base unprotected from air attacks. Air Defence Tower is essential and extremely useful tower in the Clash of Clans that can protect your base from dragons and minions. Just be sure to protect Air Defence Towers with some ground based structures like cannons and you will have blue and safe sky above your base.

Let it be fire –guide to Inferno Tower

One of the most powerful defensive structures in the Clash of Clans is Inferno Tower it is able to destroy multiple targets with one hit. Inferno Tower is able to take down even most tougher units like Giants or even P.E.K.K.A. We collected few useful tips and tricks that will help you for sure to create great defensive strategy with Inferno Towers as your primary defense line.

Inferno Tower can be set in two modes, single target and multitarget mode. Single target will deal greater amount of damage to a single unit, while multiple target mode will attack many units at once dealing splash damage. Single target mode is completely able to stop Golems or even heroes on the battlefield, it is also able to take down any dragons or healers from the sky. Weakness of this mode is that Inferno Tower is very easy overwhelmed by huge number of units such as goblins, barbarians or archers. Another important aspect is a fact that damage on the tower increases with time, that means the longer the tower stays on one target the more damage it will produce. From other side, in multitarget mode Inferno Tower gives constant damage to several targets.In you are in lack of resources clash of clans cheats tool may be a perfect solution to load your Inferno Towers with dark elixir.

Troops that are under Inferno Tower’s attack cannot be healed. Just like X-Bow, Inferno Tower must be reloaded from time to time. You will need a lot of dark elixir to reload your Inferno Tower. Inferno Tower does not have any preferred target, it to attack any unit that comes near, but it will deal larger amount of damage in single target mode then in multitarget mode. As we already mentioned, Inferno Tower is easily defeated by huge amount of units, and to prevent disaster you should always place another defensive tower like Mortar near Inferno Tower to gain additional synergy.

Mortar will very easily defeat any group of goblins or barbarians on the field. Another option is to place two Inferno Towers together, one set in single target mode and other in multitarget mode to gain additional synergy among them. Still, be careful not to place them to close, because Freeze Spell can destroy them very easily. If you are in the role of attacker you should use upgraded Lightning Spells to take Inferno Towers down. Try to implement tips and tricks that we shared in this article and you will create almost undefeatable defense for your base.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China Playstation 4 Review

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China is a new attempt in changing the Assassin’s Creed experience into something different with questionable results. The basic idea is present, but realization of a game mechanics lack passion and practical implementation. We may say that new Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China lack inspiration and good story. The main character is a young assassin Shao Jun who is looking revenge against the Templars in dull and not so interesting story. Game itself is much more better implemented than the story, but still you will notice a difference and colors and atmosphere. Multiple background layers makes each part acted differently providing multiple paths to your objectives. Exploration of different areas as interesting part of the game and probably one of the best features implemented in Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, that is easily obtainable via psn code generator 2015.

There is a lot of running in the game, in such degree that the game itself sometimes look like a marathon or some running game. The actual stealth gameplay makes unique feeling specific to Assassin’s Creed with different variations on the theme.Now you can choose different weapons and approaches, there are many ways how you can finish your mission. Direct combat feels oddly simplified and battle animations are very smoothed, but without enough energy. It is very interesting that you will find more challenging battles in the game to be very repetitive.

This side-scrolling stealth game is overflowing with unique beauty that you will not find in previous versions of the game. Combat has never been Assassin’s Creed’s strong part, but swordplay was always interesting. Now you will be able to avoid combat if possible and sold problems on peaceful way in some situations. The game awards you the most points for complete avoidance of the battle, as in most stealth games; there is reward in sticking to the shadows. In time, you will discover ways to exploit limitations of you enemies and control them as you like.

You can distract enemies by whistling and momentarily stun them with bolts, but the predictability of level layouts means that your strategies can remain the same from start to finish of the game. These stealth moments break free the monotony of repetitive actions, forcing you to thing out of the box in finding original solutions. . If you love Assassin’s Creed Chronicles you will love Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China also. Be prepared for some subtle surprises and once again enjoy in hiding in the shadows.

Best Army compositions in Clash of Clans

There are many guides and tutorials to Clash of Clans, so why another one? Well, this one is not usual tutorial or guide! We are about to share some of the best Army compositions in Clash of Clans! If you want to advance the professional gameplay level this guide is meant for you!Choosing the right units is essential skill in Clash of Clans, but they are many considerations that you should analyze while trying to decide how to create the most powerful and unstoppable army. First of all, you should know that they are three types of armies in Clash of Clans, namely resource farming armies, trophy farming and general armies.

At Town Hall level 2 you can use barbarians for Trophies, and for Resource Farming you should use combination of Barbarians or Goblins. That is very useful combination. As a general army you can use another combination of Giants and Barbarians. As you can see there is not much variety and that level, but those on his may be extremely useful. At Town Hall level 3 you should continue to use Barbarians for Trophies and the same Barbarians/ Goblins army for resource farming. In addition you can use Wall Breakers especially in combination with Giants. Giants and Wallbreakers are usually too expensive at this level, but they are nevertheless very efficient combination.To create giants you will need a lot resources, so clash of clans cheats is surely useful solution to fill your storage with valuable resources.

At Town Level 4 you should replace Goblins with Archers in Trophy hunting army. Barbarians and archers are very useful combination. For resource farming you should use Barbarians or Goblins and as general army use combination of Giants, Wall Breakers and Balloons. Now you can go for1250 trophy achievement and the best way to do it is simply sniping buildings and Town Halls that are exposed. This is the best range for farming resources, so spend some time here before advance further. When you collected enough resources you can upgrade Town Hall to level 5 and use Barbarians, Archers and Wall Breakers as your Trophy hunting army. For resource farming the best possible Army at Town Level 5 is solo Barbarian Army. As general setup for town level 5 you can use combination of Wizards, Giants, Wall Breakers and Balloons.

Army composition is extremely important in Clash of clans. In our next article we will cover higher stages of the game describing best strategies and armies for every Town Hall level. Until then try to follow our guide and upgrade your town level and structures to level 5. See you, friends!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited PS4 Review

Tamriel Unlimited the latest chapter of the award-winning franchise is finally available for Playstation 4 via psn code gratuit that brings online experience for console players. You will be able to explore wide and wild realms of Skyrim, to enter misty lands of Morrowind to explore caves and dungeons of Daggerfall. This game brings unique online multiplayer RPG experience that may become your possession. In this review, we will not go in deapth about gameplay itself, we will try to cover basic differences between console and PC version of the game and to explain some important things about game mechanics.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited brings the best elements of Skyrim in online environment blending them in new offering and unique experience for console players. The choices that you can make in the game will have direct impact on environment, alliances and guilds that you are about to join will determine the shape and future of entire kingdom. In that sense Tamriel Unlimited is living entity, players can directly sculpture entire world and effect on environment. Developers of the game tried to create a game that you can play the way you like and they created a lot activities so that you may occupy yourself with endless battles, crafting legendary items or simply spend some time in fishing near a pond. The choice is ultimately yours! But, the greatest expectations are from multiplayer options and experience, that brings The Elder Scrolls Online to the front lines of popular modern MMO games by allowing players to create and share their adventures with their friends. The game gives possibility to be played alone, or you can start your quest with friends. That is not all, The Elder Scrolls Online is trying to raise the experienced the high level allowing players to join to massive warbattless in epic PvP mass scale battles. That is something really unique that brings new dimension on Playstation 4.

One important notice, The Elder Scrolls Online is launched with No game subscription method, so you will be free toenjoy your adventure indefinitely after initial purchase. You can also download optional packs or enter premium membership if you like, but basic game is subscription free. The Elder Scrolls Online is a game that is designed for console players, and this version of the game features completely changed user interface. User interface is specifically designed for console players, with accustomed controls and with nicely integrated chat. There are a lot of difference between PC and console version of the game, a lot of time and work is invested in this project, that will finally give a lot of satisfaction to console owners. Currently, they are some log in issues with the game, but we are hoping that it will be solve very soon.

Few words about game itself, even everybody is familiar with Skyrim concept. After creation of your preferred character you will be able to choose one of three faction that will bring you to one of three different paths of the game. According to your choice, you will explore different caves, paths and forests, completely different locations. That is just beginning of your The Elder Scrolls Online adventure…

Ori and the Blind Forest Review

Ori and the Blind Forest is not ordinary game, it is very difficult to define what this game actually is! It is a game about spirit tree and one single leaf! The leaf is actually a cat named Ori! Now you can understand why I said that this is not ordinary game!

So, as a cat Ori you will starting unordinary adventure. One night the spirit tree is becoming corrupted and whole forest begin to dying. That is the beginning of adventure where your goal will be to restore balance and life to the forest.The interesting fact in the game is ability to customize Ori and other characters in the game. From the beginning you start your investigation trying to solve many misteries. In this quest you will meet different characters and personalities from villains the Saints of the forest.One thing about this game is for sure , this game looks gorgeous! You will enjoy in original art style that is so nicely presented within the game, every character has unique personality, every landscape is a piece of art.

The music in the game is extraordinary, you will have feeling that you are listening forest orchestra that beautifully creates a unique atmosphere.
There are a lot of things to be discovered in Ori and the Blind Forest. From the beginning of the game you are free to explore, discover the world as you like. You will be limited only by certain skills, but you can also train them and explore every part of the world. As game progress you will unlock necessary skills and abilities that will help you to unlock new areas in the game. Ori and the Blind Forest may be a simple, but it isn’t an easy game. The focus of the game is on different puzzles and on tactical moves, much more than on shooting in fighting.

They are certain boss fights where you must engage all your reflexes and creativity to beat the boss. This game is all about reflexes and proper timing you must relly on those skills in every situation if you want to be successful. Ori and the Blind Forest is different game in many aspects and you will need some time to become accustomed to such unusual settings and mechanics of the game. But, once you grasp the essence you will start to enjoy in every aspect of this game.